At Mike Boucher Roofing, we fix / repair more chimneys than anyone else in the area. No matter if it is a wood, stucco, brick, or metal chimney we have repaired all of them. Typically chimneys leak from 1 of 2 areas, either the flashing where the chimney meets the roof line starts leaking, or the chimney cap starts leaking.  

Due to the large number of chimneys we rebuild we are very efficient at fixing them for our homeowners, because of this we can offer a very competitive price on our services.


Skylights are another common leak area on roofs. We see alot of leaks when a previous contractor will use what is called a self flash skylight (all plastic with no frame). These skylights only last about 10 years and are usually used due there cheap cost. We only install skylights with a metal frame where they meet the roof line, this prevents leaks years down the line.

Most of the new skylights we install are Low-E glass made by Velux. We are 1 of only 3 contractors certified by Velux in this area.

In a lot of cases the overall condition of your roof is in good shape, however you have a leak. 

We are one of the few companies that specialize in completing roof repairs. We have multiple staff member that only do repairs. 

Roof repairs require a completely different skill set than replacing a roof, We have repairs every different type of leak over our years in business, because of this we are very good a diagnosing your issue and fixing it right the first time. 

At the time of your estimate we will take pictures to show you and fully describe what the issue is and the correct way to fix it in a way that is easy to understand. We have a large library of photos from previous jobs so most time we can show you exactly what the repair will entail with pictures.

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