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                                     What to expect the day of your new roof installation. 
Our Process
Our crew will be at your house around 7 AM on the day of the installation. 
The foreman shows up shortly after the crew with either one of our dump trailers or dump trucks. (We do not use dumpsters.)
We start by removing all the old shingles and felt paper from the entire roof surface. 
Once the old roof is removed we inspect all the roof sheathing (plywood) and replace any deteriorated wood. 
If you have a chimney on your house, we will inspect it to determine its condition. (Your proposal may already include a chimney rebuild if it was discussed during the initial estimate) 
At this point we re-nail all the roof sheathing on the entire roof surface (per Florida building code) and start installing the new felt paper. 
Once the new felt paper is on the roof the new shingles are delivered to the site. 
We will install the new eave drip (metal edging) valley metal and any other roof accessories. 
Your new shingles start getting installed. 
Once all the new shingles are installed we start the clean up process which includes running magnets around the entire property to catch loose nails.